1. Marine Engines
    Great Lakes Diesel offers full service for your marine diesel engines. One of our specialties in the marine areas are tugboat engines.We build custom marine diesel engines to suit your needs from luxury cruisers to high powered race engines. Our engines provide the best running horsepower and fuel economy. We here at Great Lakes are proud to say that we built a marine engine that use to belong to the Princess of Monaco now she is known as GRACE, a luxury ship. GRACE cruise's back and forth to the enchanted Galapagos Islands down in Ecuador.
  2. Tractor Pull Engines
    We here at Graet Lakes love's to go big , and when a opptunty came up we took. The winner in Quebec's El Rodeo was won by a driver with one of our engines. Our shop is completely equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and fully trained technicians capable of building your engine under one roof.
  3. Industrial Diesel Engines
    Great Lakes offers full service for your industrial engines. Some of our specialties in the industrial area is well driller engines. By us custom build your engine, we greatly increase the drilling cabability and efficiency of your equipment. We here at Great Lakes already took pride in building few of these engines. We are proud to say there shipped all over just to name a few : TEXAS and AUSTRALIA
  4. Truck Performance Engines
    Great Lakes Diesel's years of experience and development have assembled a line of Hi-Performance parts for 3406, C-15, and C-18 Caterpillar ® engines. Useing first, a matched system concept; second parts carefully balancede; and third, like components, precision fit. Blueprinting our engines is a constantly evolving science of which our technicians strive to be the best.
  5. Parts
    We also sell a full line of parts for your diesel engines. If you are interested in ordering Caterpillar and other parts just contact us and we will happy to oblige, or go on Ebay under fplauman2298
  6. Agriculture
    Here at Great Lakes we like helping out are framing family. We offer full service for your framing engines. Our engines provide the best running horsepower you can feel from behind the wheel ! When we were asked to make a engine for a customer, we had no idea how excited we would be. We made a CLAAS JAGUAR 900 now she is in California.